Karim Benzema Becomes The French “Chouchou”! 

The French official rhetoric turned 180 degrees towards the international player and Real Madrid’s striker, Karim Benzema.

French President, Emmanuel Macron, said: “Karim Benzema represents something. First, he’s a great football champion. For many immigrants and residents of France, Benzema is a model of success. Benzema has matured, and I am very happy to have him back in the France national team. I think that the national team’s coach (Didier Deschamps) made the best choice in bringing Benzema (to the European Championship), which is a matter of interest to the French national team in the first place, and a symbolic decision for the nation.

The statement of Macron came in a media interview with the French television channel “BFMTV”.

Until recently, Benzema was “outraged”, as he was expelled from the French national team in the fall of 2015, due to the “Valbuena affair”.

Extremists in the French political field strongly pressured the local football federation to apply this punishment against Benzema. They were led by Prime Minister Manuel Valls, his Minister of Sports, Patrick Kanner, and the National Front (National Rally according to the current name).

Suddenly, Karim Benzema becomes the “Chouchou” of the French regime, its media horns, and even satirical painters joined the chorus! Where the newspaper “L’Equipe” published in its latest edition a drawing showing the president of the local football federation asking the American sports equipment and clothing company “Nike”, to detail more and more Benzema’s jersey, to revive the treasury, especially since the demand for it flared up!

French President, Emmanuel Macron, is planning to succeed himself (a second term) in the elections to be held between April to May 2022, while Karim Benzema and the French national team are preparing for the European Nations Championship, which will be launched this Friday, and will close on the 11th of next July within a difficult group that includes Germany, Portugal and Hungary.